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About Us

Dr. S.B. Meshram has been practicing Ayurveda from ages and is a renowned Doctor for helping thousands of patients retrieve from clutches of death due to Cancer.

He has specifically created and advised people to use his Ayurvedic medicine for Cancer treatment which is a very inexpensive type of treatment.

Whereas Chemotherapy costs lakhs of rupees and also reduces immunity of your whole body.

Ayurvedic treatment of Cancer done by Dr. S.B. Meshram helps patients regain their life and also helps them boost their immunity and to live longer than they can imagine.

Also several patients who have taken medicines 10 years ago as well never had any recurrence of Cancer ever to them which is very common in Chemotherapy type of treatment.

He is a certified Ayurvedic Oncologist and has helped several patients around India in fighting back Cancer.

Here are the various degrees the doctor has: